Is your office carpet matted down and seemingly attracting dirt?  Did you know carpet may lower the air quality of your office space?



Carpet Fibers

Commercial carpet fibers tend to attract oils and other products.  Over time, these oils become part of the carpet fiber and can harden, yellow or brown.  This is especially evident at entryways and other high traffic areas.


Air Quality

Since carpets are a porous surface, they hold dirt, dust, spilled liquids, hair, nails, and germs of all kinds.  Bit by bit the aforementioned breaks down and sinks to the bottom and rots.  Overtime your office carpet darkens and with each footstep sends an invisible cloud of contaminants into the office air. 


What to Do

The regular vacuuming by your First Impressions Cleaning Solutions cleaner certainly helps to reduce the contaminants in your office carpet.  However, the only way to fully clean your office carpet is to have it deep cleaned and extracted to pull all the yucky stuff out.  This not only improves the air quality of your office, but the overall appearance of your carpet. 



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