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Special Event Season Ahead, Is Your Venue Ready?

Special Events Commercial Cleaning

How Commercial Cleaning Can Take Your Guests' Events to the Next Level

Special event season has snuck up on us again! After over a year of going from no events, to modifying events to fit in a COVID world, thankfully for venues, it’s time to bring back in-person special events. The health and safety of event guests is always a top priority, so here are some ways commercial cleaning services can help your venue take guests' events to the next level. First Impressions Cleaning Solutions offers top-of-the-line commercial cleaning services for venues in Atlanta, GA. See how they can add more sparkle at your venue to your guests' events here!

Event Safety 101

Venue offerings for events are already looking a bit different in a post-COVID world. Weddings, charity events, office gatherings, and more have put more pressure on venues in Atlanta to get creative with hosting events while adhering to safety protocols. Smaller, spaced-out crowds are already making an appearance on the social calendar, but how can your venue still adhere to covid safety guidelines without sacrificing the fun for guests attending events? Here are a few tips to keep the event fun while keeping everyone safe! Some of these tips also provide other positives in addition to safety.

  • Keep It Clean! Now, more than ever, the cleanliness of your Atlanta venue is top priority for all event guests. Make sure your facility has been thoroughly cleaned with high quality products by commercial cleaning experts, like First Impressions Cleaning Solutions. Keeping high-touch surfaces clean throughout and between events while offering personal cleaning products are great ways to make sure event guests stay healthy while enjoying themselves at your venue!

Special Events Commercial Cleaning
  • Think Outside The Box: Outdoor guest area options at your venue are a great way to give guests more space to social distance while still enjoying a wonderful event. Outdoor guest areas also help reduce the spread of germs and offer more potential layouts for events. Luckily, Georgia provides great weather for a decent portion of the year so no season is off limits. Outdoor guest areas also provide beautiful natural lighting and backdrops for photographs, so your guests have stunning memories to look back on!

  • Offer A Virtual Option: Some guests may want to attend the event, but may not feel comfortable around crowds yet. That’s ok! Offering a virtual component for your venue keeps guests involved without making them feel uncomfortable. Live Streaming and recording events is easier than ever with multiple social media platforms, or using a communication software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or House Party. Offering filming services of the event and editing the footage into a condensed film is another great way to keep distant guests engaged and provides a nice memento to look back on for those in attendance. This also provides an opportunity for guests who could not travel to your venue for other reasons to still be involved.

In-person events are going to look a bit different while the world gets used to this new normal. Ensuring that your venue is clean and maintaining proper health protocols will make event guests feel as comfortable as possible. For more information about what to expect when hosting events at your venue during a post-pandemic world, read this!

First Impressions Cleaning Services

First Impressions Cleaning Solutions is Atlanta’s first call for premier commercial cleaning services for venues. First Impressions specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning practices and has a highly skilled staff ready to get your event space prepped for guests. First Impressions is dedicated to providing a healthy environment for all event attendees. We have several customizable cleaning services designed to keep your venue facility in mint condition. Some of our services that could benefit your venue and event spaces include:

Special Events Commercial Cleaning
  • Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

  • Nightly Cleaning

  • Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • Consumables Inventory & Stocking

  • Disinfecting Surfaces

  • Marble, Granite, & Wood Care

First Impressions Cleaning Solutions is the premiere reliable commercial cleaning service for Atlanta, Georgia venues. Committed to providing a stellar client experience, First Impressions Cleaning Solutions can customize a service plan for your venue, no matter how small or large, that best suits your needs. Enhance your venue's event spaces and guest offerings with a First Impressions Cleaning Solutions service today!

Schedule an on-site consultation today by calling us at (678) 359-3464. We look forward to helping you create the perfect venue for your guests' events!


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